The Research Independent Company

The Research Independent Company was born to meet the needs of today research society.
I am Francesco Blanda and I founded RIC in order to share and follow a common aim: making our world better for every one. Researching is the way to give a sense to our lives, it means to leave an outstanding and concrete footprint in our universe and in the humane race.
I would like to run through the name of RIC.
Research is the way you discover things never found out before that make you able to unify them in many breathtaking inventions and theories. Moreover it could be the way you just re-invent or re-think stuff which could have been already touched in many ways.
Independent, which is, in my opinion, among the most important adjectives a research institution should have. It brings our company to be not involved in any third-parts control and jurisdiction, to be not overwhelmed by economic and trivial interests. We are independent from any idea of earning money as singles fellows. Any income is the result of a network and we are proud to share every cent with every research field and department inside RIC. We do not want to be conditioned by any institution both private and public, either "benefactors" who would like to receive something in return. Our goal is giving our skills and time to cope world's matters and to ensure worldwide a right and free knowledges sharing. Everything we give is something that will come back in future, to us, to you, to RIC, to the world.
On this extent we got "company": it means not a society, not a due to profit group of people, we are an association, a team, a group of volunteers involved in something of extremely priority and which is other from your own business.

I have been working on this idea for a while, step by step I am bringing it to be a concrete dream. Not only an utopia. I started sharing my opinions about not only what is stated above. I started looking for people ready for giving a part of their lives to others.

We created, in brief, a company statute to underline the main features.

Research Independent Company's Statute

1. The Research Independent Company was born with only one goal: human scientific knowledges development.

2. RIC is a non-profit organization and every income will be exclusively re-invested into research.

3. RIC is made up of researchers and aspiring to be worldwide which have common targets.

4. RIC's members are selected with the following criteria:


All the above is needful and accurately valued.

5. RIC's member must accept the following condition:

-Ideas, researches and patents developed inside RIC are exclusively property of all RIC's members, therefore they are not transferable to third parties without RIC executive's authorizations.
-Nobody will get any wage.
-All research ideas must be approved and evaluated by a RIC internal commission which will provide resources allocation.
-Assurance for ongoing commitment

6. RIC's official language is English.

7. RIC will provide virtual or/and real infrastructure and facilities to each member.

8. RIC collaborates with FROZENBOX NETWORK which provides all its own infrastructure (,

9. RIC is open towards every research field.


Actually, we are recruiting people, we are looking for both brains and hearts.
We have some short-term goals:

-being officially recognized
-building our own internal structure of organization
-sharing free lessons on-line (not original but always needed)
-giving us well-defined targets to reach
-being a reference as pool of scientist, thinkers and people of culture.
-receiving money to begin to be operative (our crowdfunding website is:

We have a few of long-term goals:

-creating our own factories to produce our inventions in order to re-invest the earnings inside RIC
-building a net of laboratories all over the world
-producing medicines and giving health services not to be paid from everyone who can not afford them everywhere
-fighting against ignorance and every form of short-minded thoughts
-building a sort of university ethically oriented to provide a wide culture, above all directed towards research


We have given the green, now we need more and more ideas, we need people and we need money. The latter is subordinated by people, we strongly need people, researchers, workers, volunteers, minds.

Hoping to get not only help, money and shakings of hands but even new ideas and critics I wish you all the best.

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For further informations write to:

Francesco Blanda

-Research Independent Company Founder


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